Blended or Online Learning?

Here at Arden University, we’re dedicated to providing access to flexible online learning for ambitious students around the world. We offer two modes of study, giving you the best possible learning experience according to your preferred way of learning.

Students who live within travelling distance of our study centres in the UK or Berlin find blended learning the more preferable mode of study. Blended learning gives you valuable face-to-face teaching time twice a week at your preferred study centre, whilst maintaining the flexibility of access to online learning materials for the remainder of your study schedules. 

For students who don’t live within easy reach of one of our study centres, or who are studying with us from overseas, find that online learning is the ideal way to gain their degree with us. Online learning gives you complete flexibility, and allows you to fit your degree studies around any other life commitments you have. 

Below we’ve explained the main differences between Blended and Online Learning, to help you decide which one is right for you.

Blended Learning or Online Learning – which study mode is right for you?

Blended Learning

  • 8 hours of real-time teaching weekly
    Face-to-face at UK or Berlin study centres with classmates and your tutor. These sessions are currently also available to take part in live online. 

  • Scheduled class times
    Set times and days for many lectures and face to face time with your tutor, to provide a regular structure to your studies.

  • 24/7 study access
    You can engage with the rest of your study materials on any device, at any time, from anywhere.

  • SLC funding eligible (UK)
    Our Blended Learning programmes are fully eligible for Student Loans Company (SLC) funding. 


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Online Learning

Online Learning 

  • 24/7 Access to study materials
    Your self-guided sessions and multi-media online materials are always available to you from any device.

  • Flexible schedule
    Watch your sessions at any time of day, wherever you are most productive.

  • Student support Our Student Support team answer administrative and technical questions throughout your studies.

  • SLC funding eligible (UK)
    You can use Student Loans Company funding to pay the tuition fees for your online degree with Arden!


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Why study with Arden?

Arden University
Arden University

With the option to choose either blended or fully online study methods, we bring you flexible learning that fits around your life.


Payment plans and funding options are available, helping you focus on your studies, not your tuition fees. Plus, our online learning courses are eligible for SLC funding.

Arden University
Arden University

We provide all our students with personalised academic and digital-skills support from enrolment to graduation.


Our degree courses have a strong focus on your future employability, and many come with accreditation from UK professional bodies.

What our students say






Clara, LLB Hons with Qualifying Status

If you want to reach your goals, then go for it, and Arden's one of the best places that you can do that as a parent, and that's the truth, because what other university are you gonna go to where there's that much support and you don't have to be on campus all the time? 

Arden University Blended Learning student Clara

Bettina Finna, BA (Hons) Psychology

Arden is for winners. Nobody will beg you to sit down and start working on your career, if you 
don’t do it yourself! Once you have an honest interest for what you learn, if you reach out for
more, you will be welcome to be helped and advised. But to do that, you must be determined. 

Distance Learing Student, Bettina Finna