Student Association

Students' Association

The Arden University Students’ Association offers an avenue for our student’s voice to be heard and works with the University to ensure the student’s best interests are represented.

The Students’ Association is managed by an elected board of representatives including an elected President, along with student representatives from each program, ensuring equal representation.

We aim to be:

  • Supportive
  • Measurable
  • Approachable
  • Representative
  • Transparent

What we provide:

  • Increased Opportunities for Student Participation through student led 
  • A range of Inclusive academic and social virtual communities, clubs, 
    and societies
  • A student newsletter and president blog to keep you up to date 
  • Increased research and publication opportunities for all students 
    through a student run academic journal

Vishi Singh

Hi there and welcome to Arden University! I’m Vishi, your first Arden Student Association President for 2021/22. As President it is my job is to make sure you are supported and have the best experience throughout your student and academic life at Arden. 
I am here to represent your voice to the university administration and ensure you are heard. 
My main aims this year are:

  • Increase Opportunities for Student Participation through student led projects
  • Build an inclusive academic and social virtual community
  • Expand on student support services for students
  • Assist in launching the new student academic calendar
  • Increase Research and Publication opportunities for students
  • To develop and improve the current Rep system, ensuring every student is heard
  • And many more!

I have just finished my LLB degree at Arden and I am currently enrolled in the MBA program while serving as student association president. I understand the convenience and flexibility Arden offers to us while still pursuing our careers, but also the increased pressures this can bring. I also know how daunting university can be especially if you are studying for the first time, be it from distance or in one of Arden’s blended learning centers but please know that the Student Association and our reps are here for you and will only be a message away! So, enjoy your modules, make friends, get involved and I hope you enjoy your time at Arden!

Be sure to follow our journey as we start to develop our Student Association and please feel free to reach out to with any issues you may have or just to say hi!

Our Association socials will be going live shortly so stay posted to follow us!

Vishi Singh
Student Association President