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Understand how the world of Big Data operates with Arden University’s postgraduate courses on Data Analytics.

Are you looking for a modern set of skills in high demand across diverse industries? By learning how to handle and interpret complex data sets, you’ll be developing skills that are essential in countless national and international businesses.

Today’s organisations in all types of industries now collect vast quantities of data on their customers, markets, processes, and market growth. Understanding this data helps businesses develop deeper insights, and machine-based intelligent systems now gather and process 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. That means 90% of all the data produced by mankind was analysed by the commercial sector in just the last two years. Ready to jump in?

If you’re currently working in a management function or looking to specialise in data, our range of postgraduate courses in data analytics will help you upskill and develop your data handling skills, enabling you to draw out insights and make strategy-driven decisions that benefit your business.

At Arden, our online data analytics courses are designed with the needs of the future or current employers of our students in mind, so our modules are regularly updated to react to the changing needs of industry.

Our data analytics degrees are paired with a range of complementary programmes, including IT and marketing. This means you can choose a course that suits your needs for career development.


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Distance Learning

Here, at Arden University, we’ve broken down the traditional barriers to higher education. Instead, we allow you to study your way. Want to take a data analytics course via distance learning? With Arden, you 100% can!

Learn data analytics online from wherever you are in the world. Each of our courses has flexibility at its core. This means you have the power to create a study schedule around your personal and professional commitments, rather than the other way round.

You’ll still have access to the resources you’d be able to access on a traditional university campus – we’ve just recreated it in the cloud. Ilearn, our virtual university campus, gives you everything you need to excel, including time with tutors, dedicated skills workshops, virtual classrooms and more. Plus, you’ll have access to an extensive range of academic texts from our Library Portal to help you along the way.

Whichever course you choose to take with Arden, you don’t ever need to put your life on hold. You can continue to work alongside your studies either full or part-time as you work towards achieving your master’s, MBA, or postgraduate certificate.

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  • If you already have an already established career and want to rise to more senior or leadership roles, our range of master’s in data analytics online will allow you to build upon your hard-won experience, as well as prepare you for the challenges of management and big data. Covering fields including data design, data handling, and decision making, our online data analytics courses will provide you with the academic and professional challenge to secure the success you deserve. 
  • If you are looking to progress your career, a data analysis degree sets you up for an endless list of possible career pathways. You’ll build skills in reporting, presenting, research, and strategic thinking as well as core data analytics skills. At Arden, when you study a data analytics course via distance learning, you’ll find your courses have been designed with the needs of future or current employers in mind. Our modules are regularly updated to react to the changing needs of industry.
  • Our online data analytics courses are paired with a range of complementary programmes including IT and marketing so you can choose a course that suits your needs for career development.
  • Arden’s data analyst degree courses are taught by the School of Computing and IT, working alongside professionals from other departments where relevant (e.g. Marketing). The school places an emphasis on applied teaching and giving students the opportunity to solve real-world problems with innovative, tech-led solutions. The course programmes are designed with a focus on business applications and graduate employment opportunities.
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