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When you’re looking to expand the depth of knowledge or broaden the skillsets present within your team, it’s always worth considering upskilling your current employees. The good news is, with Arden University, you can do just that!

We’re betting that your existing staff already tick the right boxes when it comes to work ethic, values and team fit, in which case it’s difficult to pinpoint a reason why you shouldn’t invest in their development where appropriate.

Sponsoring your employees to study with Arden comes with a number of benefits for them as individuals, as well as your organisation. Showing your current team that you believe they are worth investing in will provide them with a great boost in morale, leading to an increase in their productivity.

Investing in your employees’ development can also aid staff retention; the happier your staff are in the work place, the more likely they are to stay. Helping them expand on their current skillsets - and broaden their horizons - is one of the most important factors when it comes to career satisfaction.

With Arden University, members of your team can study a Degree flexibly using our online learning platform, iLearn. Thousands of our students are already using iLearn to complete their Degrees across the UK and around the world, so why not sponsor your employees to join them and boost your business?

Student and tutor at Arden University study centre

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