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Invest in your Team with Arden University

Arden’s Degree Apprenticeships and Postgraduate Apprenticeships are here to help you build and develop your team, whether that’s by bringing in fresh, new talent, or up-skilling your current employees.

Our Apprenticeships have been created with your business in mind. Working closely with industry professionals and businesses alike, we’ve designed specialist courses that will cater to your business needs and fill the gaps in skill shortages.

And why wouldn’t you want to employ an Apprentice when over 70% of small to medium businesses reported increased productivity and performance with their Apprentices?

Higher level Apprenticeships are a cost-effective method of training, to bring in new talent with fresh, innovative ideas to your business, and upskill your existing staff, retaining all your best performers.

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Benefits of Arden's Degree Level Apprenticeship Programme


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With access to Government funding or paid through your levy contributions, you’ll be utilising and saving money on approved training for your staff.

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Fill your Skills Gaps
Focus on the specific skills your business really needs and fill the skill shortage gaps with Arden’s tailored Apprenticeship programmes.

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Benefit from increased productivity just like over 70% of other businesses reported when employing Apprentices or training their staff with specific skills.

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Develop your Team
Investing in your team, whether that’s by attracting new talent or upskilling your current employees, will boost morale and lead to higher job satisfaction rates.

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Degree Apprenticeships and Postgraduate Apprenticeships – Available Courses

Our Degree and Postgraduate Apprenticeships at Arden have been designed with your business in mind. Each programme has been carefully considered and created in collaboration with employers across the UK to ensure you get the most out of your Apprentices.

By working in partnership with Arden University, you’ll be investing in the training and development of your high-performers, helping them to advance their skills and knowledge, as well as boosting your employee retention rates. You will also have the opportunity to introduce new talent, bringing innovation and fresh perspectives to the business and addressing any skills shortages.

You have the chance to use funding readily available to you, or to utilise the payments made into the Apprenticeship levy to improve the productivity of your business, so why not join the Apprenticeship revolution today?