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Don’t delay your start date, join us online!

We are aware that applications for international student visas have been delayed this summer due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, the good news is, if you have received an unconditional offer to start studying at our Berlin campus this year, you can join us online via face-to-face classes and with full access to your study materials through our online learning platform, ilearn. 

This means that you don’t need to delay your plans for studying and working in Germany. Get a head-start online and keep your Berlin plans on track. 

How does it work? 

Study your first two modules online

If you were planning to join us in Berlin this September or November, but have not been able to secure your student visa, you can still start your course with us via online learning for your first two modules, studying from your home country. You can then join us in Berlin in February 2021 to continue your studies on campus, uninterrupted. 

Save money when you join us online

If you begin your studies online this year, after completing your first two modules you’ll receive a 1000 EUR discount, which will be deducted from the final instalment of your existing payment plan (deducted from your final Year 1 instalment if you are an undergraduate student). If you are joining us on this November’s intake, you can also pay even less with our Early Bird Discount if you have accepted your offer of a place on the course and paid your initial deposit by September 7th, 2020. Please speak to your enrolment advisor for more details. 

Flexible Payment until 2021

After paying the initial deposit to enrol on your course, you will have option to delay your payments until February 22nd 2021 when you join us in Berlin to continue your studies on campus. Remember, we provide affordable payment plans to help you spread the cost of your tuition fees over the duration of your studies – speak to your enrolment advisor for more information. 

Starting your course in 2021? Move your start date forward and pay less when you join us online!

If you have registered to join us in Berlin for one of our 2021 course start dates, you can now get a head-start and study your first two modules with us online in 2020 if you join our upcoming September or November intakes. Plus, you’ll also receive the benefits of the above tuition fee discounts if you inform us in the required time period. For more information, please speak to your enrolment advisor. 

Work in Germany 

Once your visa is approved, you can join us on campus in Berlin to complete your remaining modules, and take advantage of your 18-month post-study work visa after graduation. The flexibility of our course scheduling means you’ll also be able to work in Germany while you study. 

How will I study online? 

We’ll provide you with the full Arden University Berlin experience, online. You’ll have the same study schedule and live interaction with your tutor and fellow students as you’d experience on campus, so you won’t be missing out on university life while you wait for your visa. This mode of learning isn’t new for us and our portfolio of programmes was designed to be delivered online, which means the current situation has no impact on the quality of our course delivery - except you might have even more time to dedicate to your studies! 

If you choose to study your first two modules online, you will need to have the following:

  • An internet enabled device (desktop computer or laptop) that is audio enabled (you may also wish to use a headset), with speaker facilities. 
  • A strong internet connection to be able to attend online classes successfully. 

Don’t press pause on your education

COVID-19 doesn’t mean you need to delay your higher education journey. Start your degree with us online and avoid waiting another year for your graduation day!


Am I eligible?

This offer is open to anyone who has not yet received their visa to start studying at our Berlin campus in September 2020, November 2020, or any future 2021 intake. 

What if my visa is delayed later than January 2021?

If you complete your first two modules with us online but have still not received your visa by February 2021, you will have the option to choose between applying for a full refund, to start paying your instalments while you wait for your visa, or, you can opt to finish your degree fully online without interruption. Speak to your admissions advisor for more information on your options if your visa is delayed beyond January 2021. 

What if my visa is refused?

If you begin your studies with us online but are not able to secure your visa at a later date, you will have until February 21st 2021 to apply for a full refund (minus €250 processing fees) if you decide to discontinue your course. However, as Arden University is one of Europe’s leading providers of online degree courses, we highly recommend continuing your studies with us online in the event of not being able to travel to our Berlin campus. Our dedicated tutors will support you throughout your course, no matter your physical location. 
You can read the full terms and conditions for our Covid-19 refund policy here. 

How will I complete my face-to-face exams if I study online? 

During the current pandemic restrictions all face-to-face exams have been replaced with time-constrained online assessments. This means you will still complete an assessment for your module, but online. The assessments will usually be essay-based with a set word count and you will have a 24-hour window to complete it. Note that the task does not take 24 hours to complete; it needs approximately 3 to 4 hours concentrated work which you are free to manage within the allocated 24 hour timeslot.